Episode 97: Pastoring MarketPlace Professionals Part 3

Episode 97: Pastoring MarketPlace Professionals Part 3

In this special three-part series, Robert Cortes (digital marketing expert and co-founder of RebelFish Local) and Pete Sanchez (network marketing and real estate pro) sit down with Mingo Palacios to discuss their viewpoints on how pastors and ministry leaders can better reach out to, understand, and steward businesspeople and entrepreneurs.



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  2. Robert’s LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/robertdcortes
  3. Robert’s Twitter: @robertcortes
  4. RebelFish Local: https://rebelfishlocal.com
  5. Pete’s LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/petesanchez3
  6. Pete’s Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/petesanchezIII/
  7. Investor Trainee: www.InvestorTrainee.com

Episode Quotable

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About Episode 97

In the final installment of their 3-part conversation, Robert and Pete dive into ways they’ve been able to contribute to their churches and offer more wisdom on how church leaders can approach businesspeople to get them more involved in ministry, financially or otherwise.

Robert recalls feeling torn between wanting to help his home church and wanting to help other local churches with various projects as well. He tries to say yes to as many as he can, while keeping the focus on supporting his home church. “I look at it from a perspective like, if I’m going to help this church, obviously I want God to be in it with me. If He really wants me to be part of this in some capacity, sure.” But he is also careful with his stewardship. His wife, Liz, always reminds him to keep the focus on God and to make sure whatever they say yes to, they can execute it well.

As business owners, Pete says the key is to recognize the gifts you’ve been given and take responsibility for them. Look for opportunities in your community. “We should be the ones seeking those opportunities [to give],” he says. “As business owners, we’re there to solve people’s problems, so go in with the same mindset to your church” – whether it’s something simple, like buying tons of pizza for your ministry group, or reaching out personally to someone in your church who may need help.

And it’s not just about donating money, but your time and talents as well. Robert relates the story of how his wife met someone who runs a Facebook ads company at a Tony Robbins conference, and through their conversation, the business owner was inspired to offer help to his local church with their Facebook ads.

Of course it’s true that a church relies on the financial generosity of the congregation so that it can provide a wide variety of ministries and services. But, Mingo notes, offering your skills and your time can be even more valuable. “When you utilize your skill to look at our ministry and give me insight on how to make it better – if a pastor can read that and value that, I think it puts that church and ministry head and shoulders above others that are around them… because they’re not just looking for a dollar. They’re listening for insight and wisdom and discernment, and God has uniquely given that to you in the makeup of who you are as business owners.”

As a pastor, you may have listened to or read the entire conversation and still be feeling like you didn’t glean anything from it. “You’ve got to know that you’re talking a different language,” Mingo says. However, it’s well worth the time to truly learn the language of business and understand what makes entrepreneurs tick, because otherwise you may miss out on the insights and contributions of an entire segment of your congregation.

Jesus gathered together people from all walks of life, from the poor to the rich, from the broken to those in leadership roles. Pastors are called to do the same, and that might mean sitting down to evaluate what kind of entrepreneurs you may have within your church and then talking with them to understand their drive, their dream, and their purpose.

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