Episode 135: The Opportunity in the Opposition Pt. 1

January 07, 2021
Episode 135: The Opportunity in the Opposition Pt. 1
Episode 135: The Opportunity in the Opposition Pt. 1

Episode 135: The Opportunity in the Opposition Pt. 1

Mingo and 3 ministry friends (Ted Vaughn, Guy Johnson, and Robert Cortes) come together to discuss program shifts, worship morale, ministry from new places, specifically in a covid-headline heavy season.

About Episode 135:

In this episode, we get into the discussion about what kind of tenacity it’s going to take as a church, as a ministry, and as a leader in order to go the long distance and thrive not just in this moment, but into the next season to come.

We’ve been in five months of this rhythm that has been totally disruptive to the local church. Everybody has had to rethink the way they approach their local vision and mission. Did anybody think it was going to be a three weaker?

[03:28] I think the churches that are thriving have figured out how to kind of meet that on-demand reality because that’s what people have right now. They have a kind of church on demand.

[6:05] And it was like, it was part of online engagement. That’s what we had done. And mind you, our church, probably like several, probably the vast majority of churches did not have a robust online church experience.

[7:35] The biggest churches just kept going just in their digital format. It was like this common starting point for a lot of churches to now let their content kind of do the work versus all the other bells and whistles.

[8:40] I think us having to really rethink and rearchitect the kinds of services we were going to be building so that we could find people not engaged and also pay close attention and build.

[11:40] And I have found that what has really kept the momentum missionary for our church has been tapping into the, you know, the mutual mission of the people really to like individualize.

[16:09] I would rather put that momentum and authority and really fulfillment of the character and gospel of Jesus into the hands of every member who was willing to kind of take the step to go for it. And it put a little homework in the hands of our folks too. Who do you know who’s potentially in need?

I miss worshiping the way we corporately did it in a room where you could feel the momentum and rhythm of a room. How’s that been for you as a worship leader? How’s it been for friends of yours who are worship leaders and how have you sustained even your own heart?

[17:50] I think when we worship and when we sing together, we have an opportunity to do experience a piece of heaven. And then I, and I’m missing that, just that feeling of like singing with people, feeling that, and then also getting to jam with other musicians and then mean getting the opportunity to watch people grow.

Has the morale seemed consistent?

[20:23] Adapting to the season has just been, been nuts. Luckily I do have, I had experience editing online services for church before this.

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