Episode 133: 1 Service with 3 Expressions

October 28, 2020
Episode 133: 1 Service with 3 Expressions
Episode 133: 1 Service with 3 Expressions

Episode 133: 1 Service with 3 Expressions

With the Fall and Winter season quickly approaching, we talk about 3 vital ways churches need to be programming their weekend services.

About Episode 133:

In this episode of Purpose Driven podcast, we talk about what churches need to think at this moment. We are sharing in this episode the 3 major pillars that churches can execute services at this time and words of encouragement for our ministry leaders.

3 part factor that churches can execute services at this moment:

Online Church

[06:42] – Everybody has been doing online church. People are going to stumble onto your church programming via your online offering. If you’re not doing online church, you need to consider what that looks like.

[09:11] – There are a few different channels to stream your online church gathering: YouTube, Vimeo, Instagram, Facebook.

Outdoor Services

[10:04] – In this season, people are more interested in fresh air, and have physical distance between their fellow church goers. The approach for outdoor services is not just for the worship service in the main teaching but also for the kid’s ministry.

[11:22] – The benefit of going outdoors is the open space. You’re only doing one service, which for your team and your leaders is great because you’re only having to preach one time, and you have tons of coverage.

Indoor Services

[13:46] – To be able to offer something that gives people more options in a moment in time where options are your friend, if you’re churches and creating a few different options where somebody can come and be a part of the community according to their own comfort level.

[18:17] – We are rebuilding our church from the zero mark. Every weekend that we see another family, every study hall that we open up for students to come in, we are going to celebrate every stepping stone because t’s a milestone.

Encouraging Ministry Leaders:

[21:16] – Find a unique entry point where you can actually become a regular voice inside something that people are constantly engaging with: ONLINE. Whether it’s YouTube channel, TikTok, Instagram, or stories on the weekly or regular basis.

[21:37] – What is your outdoor gathering look like? Is it in a beach or parks? Are you going to places where other students would feel safe, and more importantly, parents would feel safe sending their kids to some outdoor gathering.

[21:57] – As you make your way to 2021 be thinking not just about where you’re at, and how you can get back maybe to where you once were. Think about how you do what you do across these three playing fields, the online space, the outdoor space, and the indoor space.

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