Episode 125: Neighborhood Church Pt. 4

June 11, 2020
Episode 125: Neighborhood Church Pt. 4
Episode 125: Neighborhood Church Pt. 4

Episode 125: Neighborhood Church Pt. 4

In this episode, Mingo outlines how neighborhood churches can serve the people they’re in proximity to. We value being “For” our neighborhoods on a regular basis. This conversation gives some examples and some clarity to how we will serve our communities on a regular rhythm.

About Episode 125:

Robert Cortes and Mingo are doing a deep dive into the neighborhood church model. Start at the beginning and listen to all the podcasts. At the time of this recording, we’ve been sheltering in place and now can regather.

Today we are talking about outreach and how to pivot your neighborhood church to serve the neighborhood where it lives. Be that neighborhood’s care focal point.

Have a “For Neighborhood,” so be for Terra Santa. Be for your neighborhood events and your neighborhood events. For the last Sunday of the month, replace the post-service discussion with a “For Neighborhood” Service Project. Think about how your neighborhood church can do something good for your neighborhood, a family, a nonprofit, or a local business.

Listen at 3:55 for a list of examples.

Use this as a top of the funnel experience for those who aren’t so comfortable coming to a backyard or neighborhood church experience.

“Maybe you are more open to doing something with your hands than your heart. Or maybe with your head. Have a posture of service.” – Mingo

Put yourself out there. Celebrate the win that you offered to help a dozen homes around your neighborhood church.

Robert and Mingo share a funny story at 7:50 how they pivoted when no one showed up.

Give your neighbors touch that they are seen and loved. You are one of the steps God is using for their transformation.” – Mingo

Shannon wrote, “Hope Sent Letters,” that was specific and vague at the same time. Then would place them at places at the gas pump or ask God which mailbox should I put this in? She’d take half a dozen letters and place them around.

Are you taking the “Hope Sent Challenge”?

“You would experience amazing God-inspired events. You’d be so surprised by that one person will pay it forward, and you will find yourself with God in those moments”. – Robert

Imagine 10 neighborhood churches meeting for one year that means 120 acts of service opportunities.

What you think will be a sacrifice; God will meet you in return.

“You will grow your faith, and you will experience God in a new way.” – Robert

Thank you for reading. If you haven’t yet, listen to all the podcasts in this series. We are streaming this on three podcasts. We are happy to keep the conversation going on 1-on-1 bases with your team.

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