Episode 118: From 100 to 14,000 Member Churches, How 6 Pastors Discuss The Shift To Digital

April 26, 2020
Episode 118: From 100 to 14,000 Member Churches, How 6 Pastors Discuss The Shift To Digital
Episode 118: From 100 to 14,000 Member Churches, How 6 Pastors Discuss The Shift To Digital

Episode 118: From 100 to 14,000 Member Churches, How 6 Pastors Discuss The Shift To Digital

In this episode of “Purpose Driven” podcast, the audience is given an insight on how pastors’ have shifted their focus on Digital in order to make sure that people will connect with GOD in this quarantine season.

About Episode 118:

In this episode, Mingo Palacios enlightens the audience on how most pastors’ have opted for the digital platform while the pandemic is taking over the world.

Joining first, Scott Laughlin speaks about the average size of listeners in his church, says that there are around 700 a weekend and that bigger ones about 1200-1300 a weekend.

Sharing his thoughts on going digital Scott says, “it’s no longer a Sunday experience, it’s an everyday experience”. “People are looking for us for interpreting not just scripture but the seasonal moment of ‘what does this all mean?’…” Scott emphasizes on the fact that their job is not really to have all the answers but instead to lead people to find what Jesus is calling out of them and to bring out a deeper sense of faith.

Joining next, Travis Gibson explains their plan when touching base and taking care of staff. “What we’ve lost in quality of connection, we’re trying to make up for a quantity of connection.” “We’re doing daily touches, and one of the coolest things we’ve done with our team members is to keep our huddles. Every morning we do these calls before every service.” He explains that during these virtual huddles, “There’s not a whole lot to it except to say hey, I see you. I love you. We’re all in this together.”

Ian, a member of a church revitalization, adds some insight on how the church values technology more now than ever. “About three weeks ago and before that, we were a church that did not really value technology.” “Early last year our website was averaging about 100 hits per month. This past Sunday, we had over 2000.”

Pastor Courtney explains that being a part of a church that has been started recently comes with some difficulties. He shares that he got rid of the pressure from the people who are window shopping early. “I think I got that out of the way early by going to weekly preaching.” Courtney says. From holding services on Wednesdays, this gives them the opportunity to gain more attention as most slots on Sundays are filled. Sunday “is a saturated day when I’m getting ready to go online for our services I’m looking at my phone and I have like 38 other churches making invitations, and I know they have better advertisements than me, better graphics than me.You can be serving a community on a day where there is maybe little noise or little out there. And number two, you can be the voice for that day.”

Next, Shelby, a 27-year-old who is part of the next generation of leaders. She adds to the conversation of how the extra efforts of churches everywhere are very helpful. “What I did notice is that a lot of people and pastors are putting some great content out there. Amazing stuff. I think this is a time where pastors are knowing that they can use social media to benefit the church and the message of the good news.” She also goes on to explain her mission to bring people together, “So we’ve created a platform for women specifically, where we came up with three goals. To have fun together, play some type of ‘Zoom’ game, and to converse.”

Joining last is Kyle Hildebrand, a lead worship pastor. When asked to provide his perspective on everything, he states “When we started to realize that we weren’t going to be able to meet live anymore, I canceled Wednesday night rehearsal and instead turned it into a live recording. I was fortunate enough to have a lot of volunteers.”

Concluding the episode Mingo says, “Don’t lose heart, watch and ask Jesus ‘show me where you are at’ both as a ministry leader and a person attending church.

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