Episode 117: Stage or Lobby, Where to Shoot?

April 25, 2020

Episode 117: Stage or Lobby, Where to Shoot?

During this pandemic are you asking “Stage or Lobby, where to shoot?” Hear what it’s like to shoot on a stage and in a lobby, along with the main differences and the impact it has on listeners.

About Episode 117:

In this episode, Mingo discusses the topic, “stage or lobby, where to shoot?” As a church leader, you know your people. Do they feel a sense of comfort when watching from home? Or do they feel uncomfortable when they see their pastors streaming from a different location?

Some pastors are choosing to go exclusively from their home creating an at-home experience of worship, announcements, and the sermon.

On the other hand, some prefer going live from their church’s main stage using the camera and production equipment that exists there. Or you could be like Mingo’s pastor friend who didn’t choose either of those options. He “was on the rooftop of their building with the city of Los Angeles as the backdrop. It was super pleasing to the eye, at least in my opinion.”

Next in the podcast, Mingo talks about how “there have been people that haven’t shifted a thing. They’ve ran just as if they were preaching off of their normal platform.”

Let’s talk about worship.

Daniel Scotti, shares that he and his team had most of their worships pre-recorded before Easter. He also included that after Easter they were most concerned about the laws imposed due to the health crisis and how they should abide by these laws.

Daniel requests the audience to go and witness Saddleback Worship Easter as it’s a good example that showcases the collaboration of multiple video editors, multiple audio engineers, and people doing their best to embrace, “If you are at home, we are at home”. Daniel shares “it’s good enough to do a take on your iPhone and to then do an audio recording separately.”

Giving an insight into what they do before a service, Daniel says that they do a lot of preparations beforehand with lots of zoom calls and that his role is super involved in all the planning, filming, and editing.

When asked “What do you resonate the most with when you are watching the weekend service?”, Daniel says that he misses corporate worship and that there are times that he loves being able to see people together but also the fact that he appreciates in-home worship services. “Personally, I feel like in this season I’ve really appreciated the authenticity of people being in their homes, on their couch, doing the best they can with what they have.” Daniel states.

Joining next on the show Ted, an old friend of Mingo. Ted shares the fact that he wonders about the psychological connection people have with their sanctuary and the inability to be there. “I wonder if there won’t be an increased desire or value on the message or some portion or the weekend service coming from the sanctuary.”

Emphasizing the prevailing health crisis, Daniel says that if the current situation continues there’ll be more Facebook lives, zoom meetings, and in-home relationships.

Sharing some of his views Mingo discusses the pros and cons of pulling people together. Mingo says that if you run a largely volunteering team, you can’t force them to come together if they don’t feel comfortable. He then explains the cut down on staff, “We reduced what is normally like a five or six-person band and a four-person tech crew down to just three individuals.”

Joining last on the show, James Gutierrez shares his views on the topic discussed. “Given the context, obviously it is difficult. We’re not allowed to gather and if we do it’s in small numbers.” James explains. “And so even being able to produce even small-scale things is difficult.” He also focuses on the fact that he is encouraged seeing how many different churches have figured out creative ways to minister their own church families.

With the show coming to an end Mingo concludes by giving the audience some advice himself as to how best to shoot your videos.

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