Episode 106: The Effect of Yes Part 2

January 21, 2020

Episode 106: The Effect of Yes Part 2

Apryl Ortiz is the founder of Strength Dignity Life, an amazing ministry which serves young women who have been raised in fatherless homes. She’s here to tell her story and share her wisdom and experience around the impact of saying yes to the Lord in this two-part conversation.



  1. Strength Dignity Life: https://www.strengthdignitylife.com/
  2. Apryl’s radio show, Strength & Dignity Live: https://953edge.com/
  3. Apryl’s Twitter: @strngthdgntylfe
  4. Apryl’s Instagram: @strengthdignitylife
  5. Book: Celebration of Discipline by Richard Foster
  6. Book: Leaders Eat Last by Simon Sinek

Episode Quotable

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About Episode 106

In this second installment in their two-part conversation, Mingo and Apryl dive into some of the challenges that come with achieving a vision.

One of the biggest challenges you may face is yourself. If your vision has come to fruition, you may find yourself wrestling with an inflated ego or with imposter syndrome. “There are personalities who understand that they’ve been afforded way more than they could ever get by or earn on their own,” Mingo says. “And then, number two, they think that they’ve earned it, so they ought to have some recognition because of it… One is extremely toxic and could land you in the ditch, and the other one, you could drive yourself into the ditch.”

Apryl agrees. Personally, she’s on the self-doubt side of the coin. She struggles with the feeling that she is not good enough for what God has called her to do. “Every time I go on [air], I am terrified,” she shares. “But then the Lord always has to remind me… just come alongside me and tell me, ‘Hey, did I not call you? Are you not the one who I have chosen to do this work?’”

Other roadblocks may come in the form of naysayers who doubt your vision, or even something like a move. In Apryl’s case, she and her husband moved to another area because of a job opportunity. Knowing that it would be tough to establish a new community, Apryl says she and her husband prayed and fasted through the entire process, and she especially worked on not letting the enemy attack her with negative thoughts.

“When [Scripture] says ‘take every thought captive,’ you legit have to take every stinking thought captive up in your head,” she says, “because otherwise it will take you down. So that’s what I’ve had to do. I’ve had to put into practice everything that I talk about every week on my show… I have to seek out community. That way, I stay anchored and I don’t question, but I continue faithfully with what the Lord has called me to do.”

“I love that,” Mingo agrees. “Money where your mouth is, especially right in the pivot point where the enemy could derail you. You’re doubling down on the things that are going to keep you close to Jesus. That’s so valuable.”

Apryl’s final words of advice and encouragement for those are also on the brink of achieving a vision, or who are perhaps unsure of what the next opportunity will be, are the words that she hears from God every time she starts worrying: “Just do what I told you to do.” “If you go back to the Scriptures, legit, it tells you what you’re supposed to do,” she says. “Be faithful in those little things, which are the disciplines.”

If we can just be faithful and seek the Lord each day, rather than trying to figure everything out ourselves, Apryl says, God will sort the rest out for us. Don’t get in His way.

Mingo adds, “God was already telling a great story. We enter into that story. It’s not like His work begins with our yes. We just say yes to the story He’s already writing. That weaves us into His great narrative.” And that’s the effect of yes.

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